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European clothing style
European clothing style

European fashion style

In the 1500s, women in Europe were still accustomed to using the spinning wheel instead of the drop spindle to make yarn. The spinning wheel was much faster than the drop shaft – four times faster – and therefore the fabric became more usable than in the Middle Ages (most families were professionals who could and could not afford a spinning wheel).
As the weather got cold and cold in northern Europe due to the small Ice Age, more and more women began knitting woolen socks, gloves, caps, and sweaters. Knitting was also a faster way to make garments than weaving, and spinning and spinning combined to allow most people to wear more and warmer clothes than in the Middle Ages. People began to buy more blankets, rugs and tablecloths than before. Since they no longer had to spin all their time, women were free to do other kinds of work.
Women still wore long tunics painted in different colors. However, women began to wear long linen shirts and linen gowns under their woolen clothes. The pockets were small bags that you wore from a belt around your waist.
Men’s tunics lasted even shorter than the Middle Ages. Men began to wear knitted socks and linen undershirts and loose shorts under wool or leather tunics. Men’s tunics are shorter and shorter to show off their fancy socks – sometimes shorter, like mini-skirts, even modern T-shirts and leggings, sometimes shorts on leggings and sometimes not. Both men and women covered their heads with scarves (for women) or hats (for men) or large straw hats if they worked in the sun. A lot of people, especially children, went still barefoot even in cold weather. The people who had them wore woolen socks and wooden clogs, or leather sandals.
Most people slept in the undershirts, and now the Protestant Ministers began to tell people it was wrong to sleep naked (as it was wrong to swim naked).

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